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BISTEL Projects, a team of highly skilled technician with industry experience offer as range of installation services to major system integrators and customers in United Arab Emirates. The team is highly experienced for over 15 years in the region, we have undertaken and completed various major projects in UAE.

Our team is highly skilled for the installation and configuration of the following area of specialisation.

Structured Networking – Data & Voice

Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that specify wiring data centres, offices, and apartment buildings for data or voice communications using various kinds of cable, most commonly category 5e (Cat 5e), category 6 (Cat 6), category 7 (Cat 7) and fiber optic cabling and modular connectors.

Fiber Optic Solution

Optical fiber cable has become very popular for interconnecting infrastructure network devices. It permits the transmission of data over longer distances and at higher bandwidths (data rates) than any other networking media. Fiber Optic Cabling include Single mode OS1, OS2 & Multimode OM2, OM3

CCTV Installation & Configuration

Closed-circuit television is a remote monitoring system using cameras. CCTV system include installation of analog and IP cameras, setup of NVR and DVR, Intergration with other network systems including mobile.

Access Control System

Access Control System recognizes authenticates and authorizes entry of a person to enter into the premise thereby giving complete protection ensuring security with the system. We install and configure access control system as well as Time & attendance system.

PA System

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. Simple PA systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, and small bars.

Telephone System Implementation

An IP PBX is a system that connects telephone extensions to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and provides internal communication for a business. An IP PBX is a PBX system with IP connectivity and may provide additional audio, video, or instant messaging communication utilizing the TCP/IP protocol stack.

Server Room Rearranging

Server room termination include installation of Racks, arranging of data cables and fiber optic cables, termination of jack modules and fiber optic splicing , fluke testing of data cables , OTDR testing of fiber optic cables.

GRMS Termination

The Guest Room Management System (GRMS) provides innovative and efficient control of lighting, heating/cooling and hotel guest services through intuitive touch panel interfaces. Include termination of GRMS panels, Lighing control modules, HVAC modules, Key card Holder, Touch panels.

IT Network Solutions

Supply and installation of Computer Devices, Network devices, Interative displays, wireless presentation, Wifi Access Points, Firewall solutions, Hardware maintanance etc.


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