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Handset Lifter for Wireless Headset

The Sennheiser HSL 10 II Handset Lifter allows for picking up and hanging up a telephone handset automatically when used with a wireless headset

The HSL 10 II Handset Lifter from Sennheiser is designed to elevate a desktop phone that requires lifting when in use with a wireless DECT headset solution, such as the SDW 5010, DW Series, D 10 Phone, and more. In addition to its wide range of compatibility, the HSL 10 II allows you to answer and end phone calls without the need for touching the receiver. Other neat features include ring tone detection for up to two unique sounds, an extendable design that allows you to adjust the height of your connected phone, and two kits for fixation and adaption.

The mechanical hook switch supports nearly all prevalent standard desk phones

Comes complete with connecting cables and microphone

The lifter is equipped to answer and terminate calls while you're away from your base station

The HSL 10 II includes a high-quality microphone that allows ring tone detection for two different ring tones on your telephone

This lifter is designed to be lightweight and compact, so it can fit your telephone without using much space

The lifter can be extended, which allows for customized use

The Easy adaptation Kit facilitates connection to different phone styles