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TEC Certified IP PBX

*astTECS IP PBX is developed to meet the voice and data convergence requirements necessary to run your business. With its advanced features, *astTECS IP PBX can reduce costs, increase productivity and connect remote offices and teleworkers. It enables your business to be flexible, innovative and competitive.


*astTECS IP PBX is purely Asterisk. Asterisk is an open source communication platform which provides all of the features you would expect from a proprietary PBX at a much affordable cost. 


Asterisk is flexible to adopt and integrate with your existing telecom infrastructure.

Third party Integration

As *astTECS IP PBX is based on open standard, it can integrate seamlessly with any third-party applications and products.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is trained on all types of Asterisk applications with extensive troubleshooting experience encompassing basic dial plan construction to real-time configuration management.

Audio conference bridging

In-built audio conference facility, *astTECS IP PBX enables all users to host conference calls with protected password. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

*astTECS IP PBX has in-built IVR solution which have the flexibility to create upto 9 levels and sub-levels.

Voice Logger

*astTECS IP PBX has in-built call recording software which enables you to record both incoming & outgoing calls for quality monitoring and disputes resolution.

Distributed office setup

*astTECS distributed office setup, you can connect office locations/branches for seamless communication. 

Web-based receptionist console

*astTECS IP PBX enables the operator to view the detail information about PBX activities in real time.

WhatsApp Integration

Integrate WhatsApp with any IP PBX System for Improving a  better CX Experience with Customers with Addon Feature, Missed Call Marketing, Customer Support, Alert and Notification. 

Call Control

Call Transfer, Call Pick up, Do not disturb, Hold, Call Parking, Parallel Ringing. Follow me etc