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ViewBoard interactive displays deliver the ultimate in collaboration solutions. Whether your conference room is in need of an interactive whiteboard, video conferencing, or both, ViewBoard interactive displays let you securely connect and collaborate like never before.

Collaborative Workspaces

With ultra-fine 4K resolution, an incredibly smooth and natural touchscreen handwriting experience, upgradeable slot-in PC options, and hardware-based authentication, ViewBoard interactive displays offer a customizable, secure, and future-proof whiteboarding solution for any collaboration space.

Huddle Space Solutions

ViewBoard huddle spaces encourage teamwork and brainstorming by bringing coworkers together outside of office doors and cubicle walls. They provide a flexible approach to getting work done in a less formal environment.

Powerful Windows 10 Architecture

Certified by Microsoft to provide the best Microsoft Office 365 and Team collaboration experience, our next-generation ViewBoard Windows Collaboration Displays delivers exactly what you need to move your ideas forward.

Responsive Touch

The highly accurate interactive screen provides for an incredibly natural and responsive handwriting experience. Using fingers, styluses, or both, multiple users can simultaneously write or draw on the huge ViewBoard panel.

Integrated Screen Sharing

ViewBoard Cast software enables content streaming from mobile devices onto a ViewSonic display over wireless or cable networks. Multiple users can simultaneously annotate content (such as documents, cloud files, multimedia, etc.) on their devices in real time, and then stream and share that content onto the ViewSonic display.

Extended Warranties

Backed by our reputation for quality and reliability, our ViewBoard® interactive flat panel displays are also protected by one of the industry’s best pixel performance policies, and are warranted for three (3) years from the date of first consumer purchase for parts and labor.